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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions
There are 2 methods of purchasing invitations.
Face to Face and On line.
The Terms and Conditions are different so please read the following:

A. Face to Face Purchases

1. Initial Consultation

An initial consultation of approximately one-hour is held between the Print 35 graphic designer and the client. During this consultation, the client will be offered options of paper, font, layout and graphics.

2. Quote

The quote is based on the number of invitations required. As a rule, the cost per unit increases if the amount required decreases. The price includes the paper, artwork and printing. If quantities or other details change during production, the client must advise Print 35 as soon as possible to minimise any effect on costs and turnaround times.

3. Acceptance of the Quote in writing

The client must indicate acceptance of the quote in writing with a draft of the required text attached.

4. Artwork

Once the quote has been accepted by the client, the artwork takes approximately two days to complete,

whereafter two samples and two fonts will be provided to the client in PDF format, via email and/or hardcopy

and/or via fax, depending on the client's instructions.

Should the client thereafter request a new design, this will be followed by a new quote by Print 35 and

acceptance of the new quote by the client.

Once the new quote has been accepted by the client in accordance with clause 3 above and the artwork has

been created, a fee for the artwork will still be charged if the client cancels the order.

4. Colour

Print35 uses digital printing and therefore colours may vary within a 15% range from your mockup or first batch of invites.

5. Proofing & Acceptance Procedures

Print 35 will provide a final layout to the client for approval prior to printing. It is the responsibility of the client to

ensure all artwork, including copy, design and Hebrew text is correct before signing the authorisation. Once this

is established,

a proof and the final number of invitations is required to be signed off by the client.

6. Mock-up Sample

One mock-up sample of the proofed artwork will be provided free of charge. Any additional samples will incur a fee of between $5-$10 per sample, depending on the complexity of the invite. Samples are not to be considered as proofs or drafts.

7. Errors & Omissions

Once the proof has been accepted and signed by the client, Print 35 does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in relation to the proof, nor shall Print 35 be liable for any damages or loss as a result of those errors or omissions after the original proof has been approved by the client.

8. Ownership

All designs and artwork created by Print 35 remain the property of Print 35.

9. Changing & Cancelling your Order

Where an order is cancelled after printing and assembly costs are incurred, the full amount is payable to Print35.

10. PDF

Should the client require a PDF file of the final artwork for the client's private purposes, a one-off fee of $50.00 will apply, if the total spend of the order is less than $200.

11. Email Invitations

Email invitations will be quoted at a flat fee of $150 which will include up to two hours of graphic design. Additional revisions will be billed at a rate of $85 per hour and will be notified to the client.

12. Production

Once the proof has been signed off by the client, Print 35 will endeavour to produce the order within a maximum period of two weeks (10 working days).

13. Payment

All orders are strictly cash on delivery (COD). No goods will be released to the client until full payment is made to Print 35.

B. On-line Invitations

1. General conditions Invitations that are purchased exclusively on-line relate to the choices in terms of design, paper, fonts and

wording offered on the website at that time. Changes outside of these choices will incur further costs to be negotiated with the manager of Print35.

2 No Physical Proofs Physical proofs will not be provided for invitations purchased online

3 Proofing Procedures

Print 35 will provide a final layout by email for approval prior to printing. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure all artwork, including copy especially Hebrew text is correct before providing payment details. It is strongly recommended that all Hebrew text is checked by a Rabbi.

4. Acceptance Procedures Supplying client credit card / payment details as well as written approval after a final layout has been provided

will constitute final acceptance which will result in the job going into production. No changes to this job can be accepted after this time

2 Production time

The time from final acceptance (see .4) to mailing, under normal circumstances will be under 7 working days. Circumstances outside the control of Print 35 may extend this time.

6. Colour

Print35 uses digital printing and therefore colours may vary from the colours on a computer screen.